K2 Workflow K2 helps organizations digitally transform manual, paper-based processes into powerful business applications. With K2, organizations can reduce their IT backlog by enabling tech-savvy business users to build, run and deploy low-code apps that are agile, scalable and reusable.
Transform Your Business Automate workflows that will accelerate your business — instead of holding you back or slowing you down. Build apps that incorporate intuitive forms and workflows to innovate processes, impact strategy and improve efficiency.

Increase Agility and Accelerate Your Business

Creating an application with K2’s reusable components enables you to optimize business processes — from basic task routing to complex workflows — with millions of transactions across multiple systems and thousands of users. 
Forms collect and integrate information into your automated processes
Workflows reach across siloed systems to create comprehensive processes
Data Integration captures data from multiple sources, combines it into one entity, and reuses it across applications, forms, reports and workflows
SmartStarters streamline application building by offering pre-configured apps built by K2 for common processes

Take Action Anywhere, at Any Time

Empower your employees to accomplish tasks sooner and make better decisions with applications that are tailored to their ever-changing needs.
K2 Workdesk makes working from your desk or browser easy
K2 Mobile works seamlessly on iOS, Android and Windows devices
Process Insights monitor K2 applications for real-time visibility and in-depth insights
We’ll Meet You Wherever You Are on Your Journey
Stay relevant with today’s emerging technology while anticipating future innovation.
Governance and Security with K2 applications are kept to your organization’s existing measures and international standards
IoT compatibility is easy with K2’s out-of-the-box Web services integration
How K2 Works With K2’s business process application platform, organizations can use visual designers to rapidly build and deploy low code applications that are agile, scalable and reusable resulting in modern processes that quickly and easily connect people, data, decisions and systems. K2 delivers information to the right people at the right time, empowering them to accelerate their work and become more efficient online, offline and from any device. Whether you’re looking for efficiency in onboarding, budgeting, help desk ticketing or any other process you use at work, K2 has you covered. Our app technology uses forms, workflow, data and reports to help you build, run and future-proof your processes. From small-scale departmental needs to mission-critical solutions.
K2 COMBINEs the best of LOW CODE & BPM to get ahead More than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries — including 30 of the Fortune 500 companies — use K2 to improve operational efficiency. Our custom application platform lets you decide what transformation and success looks like — resulting in the best business value. According to a Forrester report commissioned by K2, our products can greatly impact an organization by making ROI skyrocket and boosting productivity exponentially.